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About the Curriculum

It’s an adventure guiding kids toward the end of the rainbow. The journey requires courage, love... and, frankly, as many good tools as we can get our hands on! That‘s why I spent several months creating original book-based curriculum that will actually make teaching language arts and science standards FUN! The lesson plans, worksheets and activities meet educational standards and are modifiable for grades k-8.

example of curriculum

Please share this link with all the teachers you know—my materials cover grammar, vocabulary, rhyming, character analysis, creative and expository writing, informational text comprehension, graphic organizers, a sheet that explains exactly how I employed the 6+1 Traits to write my books, as well as word searches and coloring pages. There are also pages with graphic organizers, compare and contrast (including double-bubbles), scientific research (fact finding, classroom experiments, journaling and group projects), which are designed to advance children’s understanding of the world.

Click any of the blue links to view, print or save curriculum for the following titles:

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Look Who Lives in the Ocean!
curriculum for:
Look Who Lives in the Desert!
curriculum for:
Zachary Z. Packrat