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Zachary Z. Packrat and his Amazing Collections

Free book-based curriculum for k-8

zachary z packrat Arizona Highways Books, ISBN 978-1-932082-83-8

Grand Canyon Reader Award nominee

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"Meet Zachary Z. Packrat!
This wonderful book is filled with fun facts and rhymes that provide a delightful introduction to packrats for children and scientists of all ages."
— Camile Holmgren, Ph.D., Paleoecologist and Packrat Midden Researcher, California Statte University, Long Beach

zachary z packrat!
page from Zachary Z. Packrat and his Amazing Collections

"Believable characters are key to good movie-making and good books. Everyone knows a Zachary—some
loveable collector—so, young or old, readers are sure to be entertained. A+"

— D.J. Caruso, American Film Director, Disturbia, Two for the Money, Taking Lives, Salton Sea

Once again Bessesen has crafted a charming story that you want to read again and again"
— Jack Wishna, Las Vegas Entertainment and Real Estate Entrepreneur

zachary z packrat!
page from Zachary Z. Packrat and his Amazing Collections

"How does he do it?
And why you might ask?
To keep so much stuff
well preserved is a task.
You see, for a packrat
it has to be done.
It's part of their nature,
it's how they
have fun!"

A treasured find for packrats and collectors of all ages!

"... a fun read with tongue-twisters and intriguing sights for the eye! As a museum we save objects that
inspire us to hold and protect them and explore their past and imagine their future."

— Deborah J. Gilpin, President & CEO, Children's Museum of Phoenix

2008-09 Phoenix Public Library Project GOAL Book

"Charming and adventurous! An intelligent book where whimsical wordplay dances through the pages. Zachary enthusiastically harvests, hourds and harbors his many treasures, an inspiration to the collector in us all!"
— Daryl Campbell, Vice President, Goddard College

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