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Writing Workshops & Classes

Love to write?  My writing workshops and classes are for anyone who gets a thrill putting pen to paper. The listings below are for grown-ups, teens or mixed groups. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your gathering, please email me for further details. For younger student writing workshops, please see my school visits page.

Wordplay: Ways to Solve the Writing Puzzle

adult writing workshop
writing workshop for grown-ups

This 1-2 hour writing workshop offers a chance for writers of all ages and experience levels to try their hand at a new style. Wordplay is about savvy rhythm, elaborate rhyme, and twists of alliteration that tease a reader’s tongue. Tips, tricks and oodles of insight make this an informative and fast-paced program. Participants are asked to bring paper, pencils, erasers and their creative senses. All I need provided is a large writing board.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, thanks so much. It was so fun! You’re great.”
— Barb Nelson, workshop writer

Ask the Write Questions: Effectively Critiquing Your Middle Grade Manuscript

You've got a good draft of your middle grade story—now it's time to critique and edit. This engaging class gives you a list of valuable questions to address critical issues of character, plot, setting, dialogue and style. Our insightful discussion of craft will help bring your writing to the next level. 60–90 minutes.

“Brooke was sensational. She is so enthusiastic. She makes me feel like I can
actually do this.”
— Marci Mathers, workshop writer

Contemporary Picture Books: Character, Structure and Voice in Under 200 Words

Picture books look so easy to write but in truth require a tenacious wordsmith. As word counts get shorter and shorter, a PB writer must meet all the key points of craft in limited space—all the while maintaining balance with the illustrator. This class takes a looks at how they do it and provides some framework for developing a viable story in under 200 words. 60–90 minutes.

You gave me hope that I can not only write a children's book but have an amazing, fun journey in the process."
— Caren Cantrell, workshop writer

You Must Find the Story: Crafting Narrative Nonfiction for Children

Young readers love learning interesting facts but they will NOT tolerate boring text! A skilled nonfiction writer knows how to weave details into a true and compelling tale. This class helps you listen to both your creative and analytical minds and offers a logical approach to mining the storyline in your next nonfiction project. 60-90 minutes.

virginia g piper

The following workshops are occasionally offered through ASU's Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing as 4-week non-credit classes. For information about upcoming classes, visit Piper Writer's Studio.

Your class is terrific; it is informative, thought provoking, and entertaining."
— Kathryn Pearce, workshop writer

The ABCs of Writing for the Children's Market (Part I): Penning through the Genres

Ever dream of writing a children's book? Now's your chance to do it! Experiment writing in several genres for young readers. This workshop explores the world of children's literature from picture books to middle grade and young adult novels, poetry to nonfiction, always focusing on elements of craftsmanship. The instructive format is energetic, full of facts, anecdotes and encouragement to really get you started. And knowledge gained will help make your dream of writing a children's book a reality.
6–10 hours.

The ABCs of Writing for the Children's Market (Part II): Penning through the Genres

Hoping to be a published children's writer? Want to know how the industry works? This workshop shares an insider's look at the ever-changing publishing world, with tips for success and advice from top editors and agents. Find the best editor for your writing style. Learn how to format your manuscript, write a compelling query letter and properly submit your work. Consider new publishing alternatives. This session offers the most up-to-date tools, resources and information to reach your publishing goal.
6–10 hours.

“Brooke has such great insight and information about all the different realms of publishing in the children’s market. Additionally her talent and enthusiasm infuses great confidence in all her writing students and helps open many previously closed doors into the industry.”
— Sarah Roberts, EQUITY actor & recording artist, workshop writer