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K-8 Lesson Plans & Activities for Look Who Lives in the Ocean!

Picture books are engaging for readers of all ages, so they’re a rich cache of educational opportunity! I hope you have discovered the usefulness and merit of Look Who Lives in the Ocean! This humorous non-fiction picture book has a unique format; four components are employed to describe each of the book’s twenty-one ocean occupants: 1. rhyming prose, 2. a silly illustration, 3. a scientific facts bar and 4. a photograph. Because Look Who Lives in the Ocean! includes both literary and expository writing, wacky creativity and solid research, the book is perfect for teaching aspects of reading, writing and science in the classroom. Below you will find many pages of all-original curriculum, modifiable for grades K-8. So dive in!

“Ms. Bessesen's curriculum is easy to use across grade levels and with numerous standards. Our school found this to be a fresh approach to standard based lessons/themes.” — Jessyca Tierney-Smith, Curriculum and Professional Development Coordinator

Download one complete LWLO packet or click any of the blue PDF links below to view, print or save individual worksheets, lesson plans and activities:

Language Arts


Fun Activities

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