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K-8 Lesson Plans & Activities for Look Who Lives in the Desert!

Studying the desert doesn’t have to be dry. Look Who Lives in the Desert! meets over a hundred educational standards in science and language arts. And since many standards are, well... standard, teachers all across the country can use these materials to keep their kids on track. Below you will find over 40 pages of original book-based material, modifiable for grades k-8, to support and strengthen the educational value of this humorous non-fiction title in the classroom. Look Who Lives in the Desert! is also an Accelerated Reader™.

“This is a marvelous book to add to your classroom library, and it will inspire student's use of the writing trait voice, Teachers should incorporate this book into a science unit on deserts.” —

“This is a great book or ANY grade level. I’ve used it and found the curriculum really helpful.” — Anila Ahmed, primary grade teacher

Download one complete LWLD packet or click any of the blue PDF links below to view, print or save individual worksheets, lesson plans and activities:

Language Arts


Fun Activities

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