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Professional Development Workshops for Educators

Make the most of an author-illustrator visit with in-service training for your staff! I offer two fast-paced, multimedia professional development workshops for educators & librarians that share new ways to meet standardized K-8 subjects in the classroom. These tried-and-true programs have been highly rated at many educational fairs and conferences, including International Reading Association, Arizona Reading Association and Arizona State University Education Fair. I will need an LCD projector and screen.

My objectives are:

Brooke at ASU Ed Fair
Brooke presenting at ASU Polytechnic Education Fair

To PROVIDE new tools—concepts and curricula—that help make reading and cross-subject educational themes fun and easy for children.

To SHARE an author's approach to writing as it relates to creating books that combine science with literary wordplay.

To EXPAND the idea of picture books as educational resources and help attendees find teaching opportunities within their colorful pages.

“Brooke’s depth and breadth of the content enables teachers to easily grasp the interrelated concepts.” — Suzan Bowolek, teacher, workshop attendee

The Power of the Picture Book: Making Standards Fun

picture books meet standards
you can use picture books to meet standards

This workshop provides specific ways of to meet standards with humorous non-fiction picture books. Using all-ages titles Look Who Lives in the Ocean! and Look Who Lives in the Desert!, I cover aspects of grammar, vocabulary, rhyming, character analysis, writing (both creative and expository, including 6 Traits), informational text comprehension, graphic organizers, science (both informational and experimental) and even conservation! We also play a word game and do a simple, yet powerful kinesthetic experiment that touches the heart of my purpose for writing.

In addition to being well-received by individual school groups, this program has been presented for the International Reading Association and many other conferences and reading councils.

“It was delightful to hear you speak. As a writer myself and a teacher of writing in science, you gave us a wealth of ideas to ponder. Thanks!” — Susan Kissel, teacher, workshop attendee

An Author's Perspective: Reading and Writing Across Genres

examining the world
I've had many experiences working with and writing about whales

This session examines the valuable perspective gained by reading multiple genres, and the role that perspective plays in innovative writing. Using multimedia, I share specific pieces of my published work (poetic children’s books, articles, essays, even a scientific paper), and show how reading directly influenced those writings. I also explain how I executed my ideas in the book Zachary Z. Packrat and His Amazing Collections, blending aspects of natural science and social studies. Participants will have the chance to playfully consider creative branches that might stem from reading various expository excerpts.

“This was so interesting—I can’t wait to get back to the classroom and try it.”
— Diane Perez, teacher, workshop attendee

Contact me for more details. For prices and/or scheduling, please email me your name and the name of your school, reading council or organzation, plus the venue and potential date(s). I am always happy to discuss ways to provide a stimulating presentation for your audience, and look forward to talking with you.