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help animals

Help Animals

You can work for wildlife, too! There are so many ways you can participate in the effort to save animals around the globe and make a real difference. And getting involved is sure to reward you with new friends, fun activities and a sense of satisfaction. Whether you love tigers, sharks, horses, dolphins, penguins or sea lions... let’s all work as a team, so this blue planet can continue to provide the promise of prosperity and health, and the beautiful ruggedness of nature that amazes the eye and sooths the soul!

scenic panorama near Idaho/Wyoming border
scenic panorama near Idaho/Wyoming border

Here are a few simple ideas to get you started:

At School

Golden eagle at Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona
Golden eagle at Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona

Raise money for a conservation organization. You can set up a car wash, hold a bake sale or put on a musical performance. Do it alone—or with a big group of friends! Ask members of your community to contribute time and/or money to support the event. You might even send your donation to an organization that helps whatever species is your school mascot! We were the Vivian Eagles at my school. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money...every penny helps! Consider some of my favorite wildlife organizations.

Rally everyone together to step up your school’s conservation efforts.
• Build a recycling program
• Encourage students to replace disposable water bottles with reusable ones
• Keep doors to the outside closed when possible to conserve heat or air conditioning.

Check out what other extraordinary kids like you are doing to save the planet. Watch this sample video below about four gorgeous girls who helped their school save some green, then go to Young Voices on Climage Change.

roots and shoots

Start a student-powered Roots & Shoots program and join over 8000 other groups in almost 100 countries around the world! Commit to aiding humans, animals and the environment and find your niche in this incredible global effort:

At Home

all creatures deserve good care
all creatures deserve good care and kindness

Volunteer a few hours a week. There are so many great things you can do. Answer phone lines for a wildlife rescue organization, clean cages at an animal shelter or train to do live animal programs with a wildlife education foundation. There may be age restrictions for certain volunteer jobs, but keep studying, start as soon as you reach the appropriate age and work your way up to that special job that is just perfect for your interests.

Visit several INTERACTIVE WEBSITES to learn more about wildlife in a fun new way.



Remember the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.
• Shorten your shower time. Did you know every minute of running water uses about 4 gallons?
• Cut down on how much you throw away by avoiding single-serving products.
• Buy less stuff & have more fun just playing with friends.
• Use cloth bags at the grocery store (it saves money, too).
• Turn off lights when they’re not needed.
• And ALWAYS recycle your paper, plastic, glass and aluminum!
• Cut out nasty chemicals in everything you eat, clean or garden with. Organic products save the environment from terrible damage and keep US healthy, too.