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"In the great tradition of 18th century naturalists and adventurers, Brooke Bessesen travels the world to study animals. Swimming in the oceans off Costa Rica, the British West Indies, Tahiti and Hawaii with all manner of large marine fauna, and traveling on safari in Africa she strives to satisfy a curiosity about wildlife that has simmered since childhood."  —Gail Cochrane, Liberty Wildlife

Brooke has spent a lifetime learning from animals. She has been underwater, eye-to-eye with humpback whales. And stood on desert cliff encircled by California condors. She has hand-raised a baby wallaby. Rehabbed a rattlesnake. Trained a tiger. And photo-identified dozens of wild bottlenose dolphins. Every connection has shaped her. Indeed, she claims among her closet friends a gibbon ape, a free-living mourning dove, and a wonder dog named Malki.

Exhibits of Brooke's writing, artwork and creative processes have been displayed at several large city libraries across the Southwest. In addition to writing books for both children and adults, she has contributed numerous essays to newspapers, magazines, websites, and blogs. And authored several scientific papers.

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